New 2017 PCMH Recognition program

Recently, NCQA released their 2017 PCMH  Recognition program.

Unlike its 2011 and 2014 predecessors, 2017 version will rely more heavily on the EHR/EMR provider is using. It aligns it self with other (current) government incentive programs and reduces the amount of documentation provider needs to submit. It will utilize a new attestation system and not the old version of survey tool.

One major difference between the 2011, 2014 versions and the 2017 is that there will be a provider yealy check in; during which, NCQA representative will contact provider via Skype and go through the topics, review the needed proof. The check-in will last 2 hours, no interruptions and your (team) needs to be there too.

For a free Gap analysis of your prqctice please contact me and mention MEDEVAL code.

I offer EHR/EMR implementation training for either PCMH or other government incentive programs: MU2, MU3, Medicaid/Medicare EHR incentive program.

My training fee is $600* for 4 (3hour each) sessions.

If you would like more informatiom please feel free to contact me

914-338-8074 or email

* flat fee for training only, does not include the actual PCMH recognition and NCQA (provider) registration.

Practice Fusion Training for 2017 version PCMH Recognition for PCP providers and Front Staff.

I am proud to present training for providers and front staff of Practice Fusion EHR, for 2017 PCMH Recognition program. If you are in the process of starting the 2017 PCMH certification or renewing it, or still finishing the 2014 version, and having trouble utilizing PF to achieve all the needed elements for the PCMH application then this training is just for you!

This training will help you to not only move along the 2017 PCMH Recognition process quicker but also help you achieve the MU2 and later MU3 stages!

Availability:  Thursdays 9-5pm

Duration: 4 sessions 3 hours each

FEE*: $600 

*This is a flat traning fee.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact me: Phone: 914-338-8074

The importance of double checking PrioAuthorizations.

  It is a part of obtaining prior-authorization process that is most often forgotten-double checking the obtained authorization information.

Although, for the most part the authorization process goes without a cynch. It doesn’t mean that your office staff should not check the received authorization, for any errors.

In general the things that your Front Staff should be doible checking are:

  1. Patient Name
  2. Patient DOB
  3. Patient Diagnosis
  4. Approved date range and quantity
  5. Correct insurance submission* With the increasing number of patients acquiring more than one insurance plan, it is extremely important to obtain the authorization from the correct plan-the first time!

Checking all the above things will assure proper and prompt payment, less hassle and no hindering your practice A/R.

Importance of trained Front Office Staff!

More often then not: I receive dissapointed feedback from patients about provider offices: their Front Desk Staff specifically.

It is disapointing to come to an office where the front desk looks like a Tornadoe went through or the fact that the front staff is chewing gum with their mouth open while talking on the phone with a friend….OK ….OK …LOL…this is the worst case scenario.

The more realistic could be the fact that the front staff is not customer friendly or does not know which insurances you as a provider accept or the biggi-how to check properly the patient benefits and elegibility!

The post possible scenario for you as a provider: you would lose your patients, therefore your practice would suffer from reduction in revenue or A/R will go down….The Cash Flow will decrease!….Not a good thing for you as a business.

Training your Front Desk staff will help you avoid the worst case scenario and better clean claim submission. Resulting in no loss of your A/R and a constant flow of cash or payments.

If you are looking for for comprehensive training programs for your staff please visit my website or my Front Staff Training Packages blog post: for available times and prices!