New 2017 PCMH Recognition program

Recently, NCQA released their 2017 PCMH  Recognition program.

Unlike its 2011 and 2014 predecessors, 2017 version will rely more heavily on the EHR/EMR provider is using. It aligns it self with other (current) government incentive programs and reduces the amount of documentation provider needs to submit. It will utilize a new attestation system and not the old version of survey tool.

One major difference between the 2011, 2014 versions and the 2017 is that there will be a provider yealy check in; during which, NCQA representative will contact provider via Skype and go through the topics, review the needed proof. The check-in will last 2 hours, no interruptions and your (team) needs to be there too.

For a free Gap analysis of your prqctice please contact me and mention MEDEVAL code.

I offer EHR/EMR implementation training for either PCMH or other government incentive programs: MU2, MU3, Medicaid/Medicare EHR incentive program.

My training fee is $600* for 4 (3hour each) sessions.

If you would like more informatiom please feel free to contact me

914-338-8074 or email

* flat fee for training only, does not include the actual PCMH recognition and NCQA (provider) registration.

Important: Check your Provider Information

Whether this is your first year or not, when attesting for any Incentive Programs (PQRS/Medicare EHR/Medicaid EHR), make sure the information for the Provider your are attesting for or the information for the qualified clinic/provider group is correct.

The last thing you need is to find out that CMS or Medicaid has the wrong NPI or Tax ID on file. This will hinder your attestation and will create nothing but delays that would draw a thin line between you receiving that incentive or getting a penalty letter.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me for my consulting services.


Email: (fastest way to reach me, I reply within 24 hours after receiving your email)

Financial Incentive Programs in NY

There are several  Incentive programs available for Individual Eligible Physicians, in NY .


  1. MU Stage 2 and 3 (Use of EHR and is attested through a Medicare Certified EHR vendor)
  2. Medicare and Medicaid EHR incentive program (Provider can only attest to one of the programs)
  3. Medicare PQRS program (Provider that needs to attest would need to see at least 100 patients per qualifying year or 90 reporting days, whichever you choose)
  4. PCMH-Patient Centered Medical Home program-for Primary Physicians (PCP).


Now is your turn, which incentive program are you attesting for 2016?