Financial Incentive Programs in NY

There are severalĀ  Incentive programs available for Individual Eligible Physicians, in NY .


  1. MU Stage 2 and 3 (Use of EHR and is attested through a Medicare Certified EHR vendor)
  2. Medicare and Medicaid EHR incentive program (Provider can only attest to one of the programs)
  3. Medicare PQRS program (Provider that needs to attest would need to see at least 100 patients per qualifying year or 90 reporting days, whichever you choose)
  4. PCMH-Patient Centered Medical Home program-for Primary Physicians (PCP).


Now is your turn, which incentive program are you attesting for 2016?

Medicare Adjustments in upcoming years: Issues that prevent EP’s from adequately capturing and reporting PQRS’s

Have you started to do PQRS reporting for your practice/group, for 2016? Regardless if this is your first year or not the following might be some issues that your practice might face when reporting.

-Issue 1: EHR reporting- not all EHR vendors are CMS certified

-Issue2: Not all EHR vendors have customizable PQRS categories.

-Issue3: If your EHR does not have the needed PQRS category, especially for a specialist, ex . Asthma, Allergy and Immunology, then you will have to go through a third party vendor, CMS Qualified Registry, and pay anywhere $250 to $500, or more.

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By: Kate Patskovska