Common courtesy (Professional behavior)

So, how many of you- employees, receive a call back from an employer after you have applied for a position? The answer will surprise you.
From my personal experience and that of my close friends, I received a disturbing statistic: Employers rarely give them a call back, whether its great news- you are hired or bad news-“you are not the person we are looking for”. Some employers call 3 weeks after an interview with the news of “you are not what we are looking for”. Other employers just don’t call at all.
Now, why do you ask, it is important for employers to give call backs? The answer is pretty simple, so that the employee will not feel like in limbo and can move on to the next employment opportunity. From the employer side: showing a common courtesy and being professional- to at least inform the employee of the interview outcome: good or bad, gives some kind of positive image, even if the person interviewed did not attain the employment with the particular employer.
Some of my friends,like my best friend decided to take a more proactive approach: she would call the employer a week after interview or 3 days after. On the other hand my other friends were just disappointed by the fact that the employers were not professional and decided never to deal with those employers ever again and never refer anyone for a job interview for that employer.
So, what is your opinion on this matter? Do you use proactive approach or just move on to another employment opportunity? Please feel free to share your experience! 😁

Ethically: absolutely wrong!

As a NY State Certified Notary and disappointed in some of my fellow colleagues! More and more times I am approached by my new customers about the question of an appropriate Notary fee in NY(per notarization). Surprising fact: these poor people were overcharged! 😦 As per law in NY a certified notary can charge $2.00 per notarization.
Now if you are a certified NSA, and process loan documents then the fees for the packet of documents varies from $75 to $120 or more, depending on how many loan packets you are processing. But the notarization fee does not change! It is still $2.00!
Of course, what I have been hearing is that my fellow notaries have need charging $5.00 per notarization! OMG! Ethically wrong!
This is why I have been picking up a pretty good client list-I am honest about my fees UFRONT! This way the clients know they can already start building a trusting and a long relationship with me and become reoccurring customers! No lies! Please be honest! Be Ethically Smart! 🙂