New 2017 PCMH Recognition program

Recently, NCQA released their 2017 PCMH  Recognition program.

Unlike its 2011 and 2014 predecessors, 2017 version will rely more heavily on the EHR/EMR provider is using. It aligns it self with other (current) government incentive programs and reduces the amount of documentation provider needs to submit. It will utilize a new attestation system and not the old version of survey tool.

One major difference between the 2011, 2014 versions and the 2017 is that there will be a provider yealy check in; during which, NCQA representative will contact provider via Skype and go through the topics, review the needed proof. The check-in will last 2 hours, no interruptions and your (team) needs to be there too.

For a free Gap analysis of your prqctice please contact me and mention MEDEVAL code.

I offer EHR/EMR implementation training for either PCMH or other government incentive programs: MU2, MU3, Medicaid/Medicare EHR incentive program.

My training fee is $600* for 4 (3hour each) sessions.

If you would like more informatiom please feel free to contact me

914-338-8074 or email

* flat fee for training only, does not include the actual PCMH recognition and NCQA (provider) registration.


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