Importance of trained Front Office Staff!

More often then not: I receive dissapointed feedback from patients about provider offices: their Front Desk Staff specifically.

It is disapointing to come to an office where the front desk looks like a Tornadoe went through or the fact that the front staff is chewing gum with their mouth open while talking on the phone with a friend….OK ….OK …LOL…this is the worst case scenario.

The more realistic could be the fact that the front staff is not customer friendly or does not know which insurances you as a provider accept or the biggi-how to check properly the patient benefits and elegibility!

The post possible scenario for you as a provider: you would lose your patients, therefore your practice would suffer from reduction in revenue or A/R will go down….The Cash Flow will decrease!….Not a good thing for you as a business.

Training your Front Desk staff will help you avoid the worst case scenario and better clean claim submission. Resulting in no loss of your A/R and a constant flow of cash or payments.

If you are looking for for comprehensive training programs for your staff please visit my website or my Front Staff Training Packages blog post: for available times and prices!


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