How long do you stay with one Staffing company before moving on to the next

At the beginning of October, my friend lost her job. Years ago, she was in a similar situation and have found Staffing agency of a great help in finding interviews and ultimately a job that was temporary but converted into a permanent one, where she worked for a some years.
So, when she found herself this time in the same, jobless situation, she decided instead of applying to jobs directly, to sign up again with a Staffing agency. She went to an interview on October 8, brought her recent resume, took her proficiency exams, signed her background check forms and release forms. Called every week like she was suppose to do. And NOTHING! 😦
Yes, nothing! Not once was she called for a possible offer, interview or anything. She felt like she was making cold sales calls every Monday! 😦
Now maybe you are asking yourself that she asked for a too high of a pay?! The answer is NO! She actually asked for less than she was making: the amount that would be able to keep her and her family living from paycheck to paycheck, by NY living standards, and still be below middle class! 😦
Anyway, she is all about loyalty. She is not like people that work for multiple agencies. However, it has been almost a month and still NOTHING!

So, my dear readers what do you think? How long would you stay with a Staffing agency before moving on to another one?
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