Language learning Resources

Recently, my best friend and I were discussing the topic of learning a new language. In the modern multicultural world having a language other than English on your resume is a big plus. There are plenty of resources out there. Lets take a look at some of them.
For those who are fortunate to have money: I would definitely suggest taking a Continuing Ed class or a regular class that teaches a language from scratch. Classroom learning is the all time most common way that anyone learns anything šŸ™‚ I was fortunate enough to take a class for couple of semesters to refresh my memory and of course lets not forget cultural,grammatical and everything in between!
Now if you are still fortunate enough to take a class but di not have enough time to visit the classroom you can do it the more modern way and take an online course. (ex. my Russian professor also has an online credit course in Westchester Community College) You can search schools for their online course catalog and register. šŸ™‚
Now lets talk about software’s. Yes you have heard of Rosetta Stone or there is another one -Pinslet. These programs help you to learn a new language. Now, I have not used any of these softwares- too expansive :(. (If any of my readers have used any of these or other programs, PLEASE post a comment and share your experience.)
Although all of the above are good way of learning a new language, they all still involve investing $. Lol Unfortunately, not all have extra bucks lying around. So, the following way is the best free way of learning a language. Have you guessed it? Its Youtube! Yes! The most economical and accessible plus Free way to learn a language.
I am visual plus listening learner. So, the Youtube videos are a perfect learning tool šŸ™‚ I utilize it to practice my interpreting skills: English to Russian and vise versa. It also helps me to build my vocabulary, since I forgot a lot of words.


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