Registering to become a NY Certified Court Interpreter

For many years I have debated on whether or not to finally have the courage and take the test to become NY State Certified Court Interpreter (RUSSIAN). Finally I have decided to do it, after years of my husband nagging me about it. LOL

Yes, I have registered to take the test (June 14th, 2014), in the undisclosed location in NYC. (oooh…very mysterious) 🙂

So lets just look at the process:

Fist there is a deadline to apply. I submitted my application back in March, 2014 (the deadline then was April 1st). But recently when I visited the website again they moved it to May 6,2014.
On the NY COURTS WEB, there is a link to the application. Print it and after filling everything out on it send it in. I have not received a written notice of where the written ENGLISH testing is held yet. But I did receive a phone call asking for my email address, so I guess they have received my application. LOL 🙂

For more information you can visit the NY COURT WEB:

Questions or comments or both? contact me or post a comment 🙂

Till next time,



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