Common Insurance questions simplified :)

Insurance World can be confusing! Deductible? Out of pocket Costs? HSA account? Omg! Overwhelming! But I am here to help you 🙂
Although there are slight differences between services that your insurance covers,the general idea is the same.

Currently, I work for a doctor’s office as a Lead Medical Clerk. I deal with Insurance Q&A on daily basis 🙂

Lets first look at what a deductible is. My husband used a car insurance example to explain this to my mother in law.
-When you buy Ins coverage for your car,you can select a deductible amount-what is your responsibility is (cash) that you would pay before the insurance covers the rest.The same principle applies to medical insurance. When you have a deductible with your medical plan that just means that you need to pay a specific amount of money before insurance company starts covering your services at 80% INS/20%PT, 70%INS/30%PT or 90%INS/10%PT.
This brings me to the next topic:coinsurance (examples above). Coinsurance is the amount you are responsible for, after you satisfy your deductible. You pay this amount until you meet your out of pocket costs
Out of pocket Costs is the amount of money you have to pay,for services rendered a year. After this set amount is met the insurance company covers you @100%. ! Yay 🙂 Unfortunately, OOP costs could be high and it could take you a while to pay them….
Fortunately, some people might have a thing called HSA account to help them with the high OOP costs or high deductible. This is offered by your employer -a certain amount of $ goes towards medical expenses, medications or any other medical related expenses that your plan doesn’t cover. Just make sure to let your provider know that you have a HSA account and that way you can use the HSA debit card or the money can be taken out of the account. This prevents any future billing issues. ! 🙂
Ok, I hope you guys feel more comfortable with this topic.
Till next time, Kate

Interpreter, appreciate thyself.

I saw this and I could not AGREE MORE! 🙂

Daniel Greene

Physician, heal thyself. –ancient proverb

Yesterday was Interpreter Appreciation Day. I’d like to propose the day after be dubbed Interpreter Self-Appreciation Day. It is reassuring to be appreciated, but our consumers and colleagues may not always take the time to express their appreciation. What is more, even when people express their appreciation, we may not absorb it, claim it, revel in it– unless we appreciate ourselves.

So, appreciate yourself, dear interpreter! Soak up all that appreciation you received yesterday–and any day of the year–and own it. Next time someone tells you you are good at something, say to yourself, “Yes, I am.” Next time someone tells you they appreciate you, say to yourself, “So do I.” After all, you have to believe you deserve appreciation in order to, well, appreciate it.

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Registering to become a NY Certified Court Interpreter

For many years I have debated on whether or not to finally have the courage and take the test to become NY State Certified Court Interpreter (RUSSIAN). Finally I have decided to do it, after years of my husband nagging me about it. LOL

Yes, I have registered to take the test (June 14th, 2014), in the undisclosed location in NYC. (oooh…very mysterious) 🙂

So lets just look at the process:

Fist there is a deadline to apply. I submitted my application back in March, 2014 (the deadline then was April 1st). But recently when I visited the website again they moved it to May 6,2014.
On the NY COURTS WEB, there is a link to the application. Print it and after filling everything out on it send it in. I have not received a written notice of where the written ENGLISH testing is held yet. But I did receive a phone call asking for my email address, so I guess they have received my application. LOL 🙂

For more information you can visit the NY COURT WEB:

Questions or comments or both? contact me or post a comment 🙂

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