Ethically: absolutely wrong!

As a NY State Certified Notary and disappointed in some of my fellow colleagues! More and more times I am approached by my new customers about the question of an appropriate Notary fee in NY(per notarization). Surprising fact: these poor people were overcharged! 😦 As per law in NY a certified notary can charge $2.00 per notarization.
Now if you are a certified NSA, and process loan documents then the fees for the packet of documents varies from $75 to $120 or more, depending on how many loan packets you are processing. But the notarization fee does not change! It is still $2.00!
Of course, what I have been hearing is that my fellow notaries have need charging $5.00 per notarization! OMG! Ethically wrong!
This is why I have been picking up a pretty good client list-I am honest about my fees UFRONT! This way the clients know they can already start building a trusting and a long relationship with me and become reoccurring customers! No lies! Please be honest! Be Ethically Smart! 🙂


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